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Catherine Brunell
Natick School Committee


Re-elect Catherine Brunell



Catherine's first term on the School Committee took place in the wake of COVID. While on the committee, she had the privilege of voting for Union contracts with our Teachers, Administrators and Staff and was selected by her committee colleagues to serve on the now successful Superintendent's Search Committee.  



A primary focus for Catherine has been and will remain on developing a budget that communicates Natick’s district values and strategic plan. She is an advocate for the promises we make to our students, teachers and community.



The votes Catherine takes on the committee are the result of 100’s of hours of conversations with varied stakeholders, research she dives into and best practices that she seeks out from Committee and Board members across the country.  


As a mom of 5 kids, ages 10-19, Catherine works hard to model to her own children that life is what you put into it. She vows to continue putting 110% into this role.

The WHY of Catherine's Campaign


This is and will remain the number one focus of my work on the School Committee because a budget is the playbook for how a district lives its values. 


I will support our district in initiatives that reinforce that everyone matters and that we are better together. 

Children learn when they feel that they matter. 

Communities thrive when we know we can depend on one another.  


We are on the precipice of a new Strategic Plan and we are in need of more long term thinking about facilities, enrollment and curriculum. Shaping those processes while ensuring that we constantly seek feedback will be a key priority of my term.

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