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Meet Catherine

Educated at tight-knit schools in central Ohio, community was of paramount significance to Catherine’s formative K-12 experience. The rigorous and supportive education she received opened doors to her. It led her to a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters in Pastoral Ministry, both from Boston College. It propelled her to teach elementary school in Chicago and Boston, before transitioning to working with young adults at Boston College. And now, it grounds her as a stay-at-home mother raising 5 children.


Catherine has volunteered in many ways in Natick over the past 18 years.  Most significantly, when the schools needed help to get through the budget crisis caused by Covid-19, Catherine co-founded Protect Natick’s Future and sought to understand the budgets of our schools and Town departments. Her role as a former teacher, a coach, a mom to 5, a resident who loves this town, a town meeting member and now a School Committee member equip her for this election. With deep connections, Catherine is committed to being a bridge to the many communities that make our schools and this town exceptional. She will proudly serve as a conduit towards NPS’s ultimate goal: Excellence in Education for ALL Students.

  • Current School Committee Member 

  • MetroWest Leadership Academy Member ‘24

  • Protect Natick’s Future Co-Founder

  • Former Town Meeting Member - Precinct 9

  • Natick Soccer Coach

  • Natick Comets Assistant Coach

  • Spark Kindness Program Creator & Facilitator

  • Metco Parent Volunteer

  • Natick Cooperative Playgroup

  • Johnson School Council Member

  • Wilson and Kennedy Laps for Lunch Volunteer

  • NHS Prom Night Volunteer

  • Religious Education at St. Linus

  • BOKS Volunteer

A Letter From Catherine

My name is Catherine Brunell and I am running for re-election to the Natick School Committee. Along with being a mom to five children served by the Natick Public Schools, I am a former teacher and a dedicated youth coach.


My husband, Matt and I moved to Natick in 2005. We were looking for our first home and a place to raise our children. We quickly fell in love with Natick. Daily trips with toddlers to the library, the common and Java Jim’s, a favorite coffee and breakfast stop at the time, solidified for us that this was the town for us.  We loved Natick because of the intangible sense of home we found everywhere.  We have relied on and have aimed to foster that feeling in every part of Natick we encounter.


Our children have attended Natick Public Schools since 2010 at Lilja, Johnson, Wilson, Kennedy and the High School. One is now a graduate and the youngest is heading to middle school next year. For well over a decade, we have encountered excellent teachers, dedicated staff and school leaders who have made a difference in the lives of our children. Those experiences and a rich knowledge of the system inspired me to take a deep dive in Natick’s Town Government to better understand how to support our schools.


I was elected to the School Committee in 2021 as a direct response to a need I saw during Covid.  In my first term, I have proven that I am an independent and discerning decision maker balanced by a steady reliance on collaboration. My work on the Superintendent’s Screening Committee and the Negotiations Team for the contract,  the Policy Subcommittee from 2021 - 2023 and with the Parent’s Coordinating Council in 2023-2024 are just three of my contributions that illustrate my ability to work with important stakeholders in Natick towards practical decisions for the district.


I am seeking re-election in order to continue this work on the School Committee for our students, staff and Town. I am ready to support our new Superintendent, advocate for a sustainable budget without the federal and state COVID relief funds and remain rooted in values of belonging and inclusion. I am a steady leader, a hopeful believer that everyone belongs, and a discerning and collaborative decision maker.


I am asking for one of your two votes on Tuesday, March 26th  to support these ideals.


A vote for Catherine Brunell is a vote for leadership that is steady, discerning, and collaborative.

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